Makita DROLL5M60 5m x 120mm Paper Backed Sanding Roll 60 Grit

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Makita DROLL5M60 5mx120mm Paper Backed Sanding Roll 60 Grit

All cutting operations leave a roughness on the surface which needs to be removed before the wood can be used in most finished applications. Coated abrasives are flexible and fine enough used for the surface finishing. There is a wide range of products to be finished and a wide list of abrasive products on the market.

A coated abrasive comprises 3 major components; abrasive grit, specific to the application; backing material to hold the abrasive and a bonding agent to glue the grit to the backing. The quality of the materials and the manufacturing method are critical factors in matching long life with fast cutting performance.

The grit size is determined by the number of holes per square inch required by a sieve designed to collect the grit. So, the smaller the number, the coarser the cut.


  • Good quality sanding performance for professional use
  • Can be used for sanding by hand or cut to length for ½ sheet sanders
  • Aluminium oxide grit bonded to hard wearing paper
  • Size 120mm
  • Grit 60
  • 1 x 5 metre roll


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Grit 60
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