Marshalltown 80 Brick Jointer 1/2IN & 5/8IN

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Marshalltown 80 Brick Jointer 1/2IN & 5/8IN

The smart concave jointer efficiently shaped the mortar between bricks leaving the finish looking semetrical and professional. It is double-ended with different sizes at each end of the jointer, one end being 1/2" and the other 5/8". Manufactured from a single piece of high carbon steel this tool is extremely strong and long lasting.


  • High carbon steel for durability and strength
  • Double ended design, one end being 1/2" and the other 5/8"
  • Used to finish the mortar between bricks improving the appearance and lifestan of the joint
  • Manufactured in the USA using top quality materials and equipment to ensure superior products
  • Designed to give a professional finish to joints between bricks.
  • Made from high carbon steel, hard tempered and polished.
  • Convenient double ended cranked design.
  • Made in USA.
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Size 1/2" x 5/8"
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