Bosch 2608596304 Std Wood Drill Bits 7x60x105

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Std Wood Drill Bits 7x60x105

Bosch 2608596304 Std Wood Drill Bits 7x60x105

Bosch 7.0x105mm Brad Point Drill Bit 2608596304 Bosch manufactures brad point drill bits under their own strict work standards. The CBN grinding process of the New M-tip, involves profile grinding with a cubic-crystalline bornitrite grinding disc into fully hardened material to ensure an extremely sharp drill bit and therefore accurate tear-free drill holes.


  • Suitable for hard and soft wood
  • Drill bit with centring tip and shoulder cutter
  • Drill bit colour: black, ground point
  • Two flutes


  • 7 x 69 x 109 mm, d 7 mm
  • Diameter (D) mm 7,00
  • Working length (L1) mm 69
  • Total length (L2) mm 109
  • Shank diameter (d) mm 7
  • Appropriate for Materials that can be processed(Hard/solid Wood,Softwood,Chipboard,Plywood Panel)
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Diameter 7.0mm
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